Themed Routes
Explore the 4 routes that take you to discover the Algarve in different themes. There are several proposals to discover along these small routes.

What theme do you feel like discovering today? We have several suggestions for you.

The Themed Routes reveal the history, culture and natural diversity of the region. 

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Rota do Contrabandista (Smugglers Route) (Alcoutim)
Explore the trails that tell the story of smuggling along the banks of the Guadiana river.

Rota da Água (Water Route) (Loulé)
An excellent suggestion for you and your family, with short walks through the diverse water engines built along the streams in this region. 

Rota das Árvores Monumentais (Monumental Trees Route) (Monchique)
Discover the natural heritage in this area. 

Rota da Geologia (Geology Route) (Monchique)
Explore the geological diversity as well, that tells a story that began many million years ago. 

Are you ready for this discovery? 

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Discover the 4 Themed Routes