GR13 - Via Algarviana stages for MTB
Discover the Long Distance Path by mountain biking. Accept the challenge and discover the inland Algarve by cycling for 300 km until you reach the Atlantic coast.

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The GR13 - Via Algarviana starts in Alcoutim, next to the Guadiana River, and ends at Cabo de São Vicente. Altogether, there are 300 kilometres that cross the three Algarve mountains (Caldeirão, Monchique and Espinhaço de Cão), the craggy barrocal subregion, the hills and part of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park.

This Long Distance Path can be cycled over 90% of its length. In short sections, it is necessary to carry the bicycle by hand or on your shoulders.

The characteristics of the territory require good physical and technical preparation, which you should take into account when organising your mountain bike crossing.

Also discover the Connections to the Via Algarviana. This is a great suggestion for mountain bike lovers, as some of these routes start at a train station. You can transport your bike on the train; start your adventure by travelling the Connection and reach the Via Algarviana from the point where these infrastructures are connected.

Depending on the riders' abilities, we recommend a minimum of five days to ride the GR13; see below the 5 steps we suggest, with detailed technical sheets.

Learn more about the Via Algarviana in the General Information Guide.

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Discover the 5 Stages