Via Algarviana's Guide and maps
Get ready to be surprised by “a different Algarve”! Download the PDF with the guide and maps of each sector of the GR13 - Via Algarviana.

The GR13 - Via Algarviana starts in Alcoutim, on the banks of the Guadiana River, and ends with the Atlantic Ocean in sight, at Cabo de São Vicente.
Along the way, it crosses the inland Algarve for about 300 kilometres, divided into 14 sectors that lead to a rich and diverse landscape. The GR13 crosses the three Algarve mountains (Caldeirão, Monchique and Espinhaço de Cão), the craggy barrocal subregion, the hills and part of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park.  

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Download the full guide (221 Mb):

You can also download the chapters for each sector of the GR13. Pick the sector you want from this list of every stage of the Via Algarviana.


GR13 - Via Algarviana guide, with maps (221 Mb PDF)